2010 First visit to Malaita to establish the Partnership

Simon and Julie Blake from Walcha and Paul Harvey from Tamworth visited Malaita in November 2010 at the invitation of Bishop Sam Sahu to build our friendship and assess the ways in which our Dioceses could assist each other.

During their visit we attended worship at St Paul's in Auki and visited Airahu School and Fauabu Clinic as well as talking about the needs of the Diocese of Malaita.

It was evident that the main Priority for the Malaita Diocese was the training of clergy and the development of the facilities at the Airahu Bible School. As a result of this visit we made a committment to fund the construction of a student dormitory for the Bible College students at a cost of AU$40000. 

This dormitory was funded 75% by the Armidale Diocese and 25% from the ACOM     (Anglican Church of Melanesia) with all the labour being provided by the Students at the Airahu School.