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2012 Fauabu Clinic Renovations

In June 2012, a team of 11 people from Tamworth visited Malaita to renovate the Fauabu Clinic Childrens Ward and Pharmacy Building.  The team was co-ordinated by the   Anglican Diocese of Armidale and the  Rotary Club of Tamworth Sunrise who both provided funds and supported the logistics through the overseas aid division of Rotary International. 

During the visit, they were able to refit and rewire the Children's Ward as well as provide hot and cold running water to the maternity ward. We also installed Hospital Beds, Mattresses and equipment that had been sent to Malaita from Australia. Thanks to all the people who were instrumental in making this project a sucess.

One of the highlights of the trip was being able to work alongside the Students from Airahu school and the local residents. We also had a midwife in our team who assisted with training at the Clinic.

Chris Lanham,
7 Sep 2012, 00:52